As a founder of FIPILO Khaoula Touijer has participated at the EMEC EXPO at Casablanca, which is an event dedicated to the digital transformation, sanctified to e-marketing, e-commerce, hosting & cloud, mobile internet, social networks, internet of things and technology.  


As we mentioned Fipilo team together with Khaoula Touijer got the chance to spend two days on the big e-commerce event Emec expo on casablanca , on these two days we have meet many people who are interested on the sourcing products services from different countries and specialty from china and Turkey , many business owners and e-merchants in morocco face struggles in finding new products in moroccan markets so Fipilo came out with a solution to all of them taking care of all the progresses and the services , we have been trying to share the maximum at the Emec expo with our visitors . 


We have got more than 6000 visitors to the event these two days, who are searching for a solution to their sourcing services . Emec expo was a very good occasion to share all of the updates that we were working on all the previous period , Also get to know new suppliers that we can work with and also exchange our services with , being able to contact many start-ups on this event is definitely good in many ways. we are looking forward to give more and more on the coming events for our clients  


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