Recently P2M was working on developing the wedding organization website MARIAGES.IO it’s  typically offering  a range of services and resources to assist couples in planning and organizing their wedding. Here are some features and offerings that you might find on this website:

Vendor Listings: The website will have a directory of various wedding vendors, including venues, caterers, photographers, florists, makeup artists, DJs, and more. Each vendor listing usually includes their contact information, portfolio, pricing details, and customer reviews.

Venue Search: There will be a search feature to help couples find suitable wedding venues based on location, capacity, style, and budget. This can include options such as hotels, riads, resorts, outdoor spaces, and other unique locations.

Inspiration and Ideas: This Wedding website provides inspirations and ideas through articles, blog posts, photo galleries, and real wedding features. These resources can help couples explore different themes, decoration styles, color schemes, and other creative elements for their special day.

Planning Tools: also offers online planning tools such as budget calculators, guest list managers, seating arrangement planners, and timelines. These tools assist couples in staying organized and keeping track of essential tasks and deadlines throughout the wedding planning process.

Expert Advice and Tips: as well we have a section dedicated to expert advice and tips from professional wedding planners or experienced vendors. These articles can cover topics like wedding etiquette, vendor selection, dress shopping, and more, helping couples make informed decisions.

Community and Forums: let’s not forget to mention that it includes forums or community sections where couples can interact with each other, share experiences, ask questions, and seek recommendations from fellow brides and grooms.

For foreigners that would like to manage their wedding in morocco MARIAGES.OI is offering the following information 

Destination Wedding Information: Morocco is a popular destination for weddings, so websites catering to this market may provide information on legal requirements, cultural customs, travel tips, and suggestions for accommodation and attractions for out-of-town guests.

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