Fipilo is a sourcing platform developed by P2M. It’s an online tool or service  that connects businesses with suppliers and vendors from around the world. This platform allows businesses to find and compare potential suppliers based on various criteria, such as product type, price, location, and quality. 

Our platform has a large database of suppliers and vendors, including manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. The businesses can search for suppliers on the platform and receive quotes and proposals from them. They can also communicate with suppliers directly through the platform to negotiate pricing, discuss product specifications, and arrange shipping and delivery.

This sourcing platform can be general, covering a wide range of products and industries, or specialized, focusing on specific industries or product categories such as electronics, textiles, or machinery. Some of the popular sourcing platforms include Alibaba, Amazon, and others.

In addition to facilitating supplier discovery and communication, Fipilo platform provides additional services such as quality control inspections, payment processing, and logistics support. We can also provide tools for managing supplier relationships, tracking orders, and analyzing procurement data. 

Fipilo is using a safe payment method. To protect the suppliers and the clients at the same time, by creating an order, the payment will be automatically  blocked on the platform until the client receives his orders, and then we deblock the payment and transfer it to the supplier when it’s well received.

easy and safe for both of our clients.      

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