Delivery system – Syscolis

P2M became an expert company for delivery system services . After a long experience in the transport and delivery sector. We were able to achieve a complete solution to centralize the delivery ecosystem on a single platform. From today, you will not pay large amounts to have your system. Syscolis platform is now used by so many delivery companies in Morocco.


P2M team worked so hard to create a system that can provide many benefits to any delivery company , which are :           


  •     Improved efficiency: A delivery system can automate many processes, such as order processing, routing, and counting. stock management, client management as well, and tracking, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient delivery operation.


  • Increased accuracy: A software system can help reduce errors and improve accuracy by automating tasks such as data entry and inventory management.


  • Enhanced customer experience: A delivery system can provide customers with real-time tracking and delivery updates, improving their overall experience and satisfaction.


  • Cost savings: Automating delivery processes can help reduce labor costs, minimize the risk of errors and delays, and optimize delivery routes, resulting in cost savings for the company.


  • Scalability: A software system can easily scale with the company’s growth and changing needs, allowing for increased capacity and efficiency without the need for significant additional resources.


  • Data analysis: A delivery system can collect and analyze data on delivery performance, customer behavior, and other metrics, providing valuable insights that can be used to optimize the delivery operation and improve customer satisfaction.


Overall, P2M has created a software system that can help delivery companies improve their operations, increase efficiency, and enhance the customer experience, resulting in increased profitability and growth .


Our platform now has many important  clients all over Morocco, .Also, we have more than 1000000 orders and over 700000 delivery operations . Our clients are able to passe orders with scan , search for delivery agents and transportation , manage all the orders and clients and staff and of course all this is with a high security process that the team of developers in P2M has been working for from the beginning 


On the other hand, P2M has recently released a delivery application for mobile devices that performs exactly the same functions as the system and has a very simple operating system that enables all of the company’s staff to work more quickly and anywhere.

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